English Tudor House With Craftsman Details

English Tudor House built in the 1920's with original craftsman details including polished wood floors, original wood doors with crystal handles and original bathroom and kitchen.
It also has a large, open-plan lounge room and dining room space with curved, vaulted ceilings. There are 5 bedrooms and a full basement with 3 phase power outlets. It also has an acoustically designed audio studio space in the backyard.
The house is mainly on one level, with two bedrooms and a unique bathroom in the attic space. It is also fully furnished with plush furnishings including leather lounge suite, stained glass lamps, and Persian rugs.


Smoking is not allowed within the house and dogs and cats are not advised as they may damage the leather and rugs. Painting walls can be negotiated, but gaffer tape on walls is not advised.

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Size 2,830 Sq. ft
Rooms 5
Restrooms 2
Power 60 amps plus 3 phase
Parking Driveway and street
Noise Quiet
Student Rate Yes
Movable Furniture Yes
Pets No
Insurance required Yes
Registered Historic No
Wi-Fi Yes
Fridge Yes
Chairs Yes
Garage No
Printer No
Microwave Yes
Tables Yes
A/C Yes
Basement Yes
Coffee Maker Yes
Sink Yes
Heater Yes


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