About Wrapal

Finding a location is time-consuming and expensive. You have to either aimlessly go door-to-door or scour Craigslist and Airbnb until you find something that vaguely fits. Even then, you may be told they don’t rent out to film shoots.

Enter: Wrapal. We are revolutionizing the location scouting process by putting creatives and property owners together under one roof. Our free, user-driven community connects filmmakers and photographers that need locations with property owners that want to make an extra buck.

Here are just some of the many benefits to using Wrapal:

  • Easy-to-browse site with over 1,200 locations in CA and NY
  • Pre-vetted locations that want to work with you
  • Negotiate your own price. Many are happy to lower rates for students
  • Exclusive access to flat rate location insurance for your whole shoot for only $99
  • Protect yourself with security deposits and easy online payments through STRIPE
  • Build your reputation within the Wrapal community

Amazing film locations and additional income from your property are just a few clicks away!