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1. Find a Film Location

Search our database of over 2,000 filming locations in Los Angeles and New York for free. Many property owners are happy to offer affordable student film and independent film rates.

2. Contact Location Directly

Arrange a location scout and negotiate a price for your production. Our database includes vetted, verified property owners or location managers that want to rent their filming locations.

3. Book Filming Location

Use our secure Stripe™ payment system for protected online payments. In addition to production contracts and location releases, we also offer property protection in the form of deposits and Damage Waiver Assurance through Athos Insurance.

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Why Filmmakers Love Wrapal

  • “The ease of finding a location and dealing directly with the owner. Not asking if they are interested in having a film crew on their property. Locations on Wrapal are ready to play.”
    Alex Ferrari
    Writer, Director, Producer

  • “Years ago, I remember wishing to myself that something like this existed, and eventually Wrapal came along and made my wish a reality. The ability to go through the entire location process – from browsing options to scouting to eventually booking – on a single platform is incredible. Not to mention, Wrapal seems to be the only site of its kind that is solely geared towards filmmakers. That translates to a much better experience for not only the filmmaker but the location owner too. It makes the entire location process unbelievably simple, which is welcomed on any film production where chaos is the status quo!”
    Noam Kroll
    Writer, Director, Producer

  • “We did have a tremendous challenge finding locations for Intrepid, especially with a tough timeline and budget. Wrapal would have been great to actually find places that were practical and available.”
    Cyrus Hogg
    Director, Writer, VFX

  • “As a producer who often ends up being the location manager for most of my projects, Wrapal has made my life so much easier. I search for what I'm looking for within the budget range that I need and then I can easily share lots of options with the director or client.”
    Natalie Metzger
    Producer, Director

  • “Well, I loved how it was free to use. Makes it very convenient for filmmakers such as myself or student filmmakers who don't really have the money to obtain all the resources you would want. Wrapal is extremely user-friendly. I had no problem at all finding what I wanted and contacting the people who I needed to speak with. I love Wrapal!”
    Andrew Acedo
    Filmmaker, Outreach Director, New Filmmakers LA

  • “Everything on Wrapal is film-friendly, I don't have to even ask if they'll allow film shoots, which is half the challenge of location scouting. Having photos of the location is great; I can share them with my crew without having to visit. It saves so much time, money, and effort.”
    Valentina Vee
    Filmmaker, Photographer, Digital Content Director

  • “I love my Wrapal gigs. Wrapal creates an even playing field for filmmakers to have access to A-list locations without the inflated markups of several go-betweens. Wrapal has brought great opportunities to connect filmmakers to some over the top, never-before-seen locations.”
    David Bertolino
    Location Owner

  • “I absolutely love Wrapal. In some ways, the film industry is one of the most high tech industries but in other ways it's still old-school, done the way it was 30/40 years ago. Finding locations is unbelievably challenging. You don't have that time, budget or resources. Wrapal is the obvious solution. I truly believe that in the future, we'll find all our locations on sites like Wrapal.”
    Asher Brown
    Filmmaker, Writer, Pollution Studios

  • “I love Wrapal. They always pay on time. (laughs) The clientele is really top notch and professional. We've worked with a fair amount of student filmmakers. I actually got my B.A. in film theory so I can relate to what they're going through. Their attitude is so positive and they're so hungry and motivated that I'm able to draw from their energy to keep me moving forward with my own endeavors.”
    Rob from Work Bar
    Real Estate Agent, Entrepreneur, Work Bar LA

  • “It’s easy to use, like an AirBnB for locations. If I had had this while looking for a location, it would have been much less stressful. It’s nice when there’s clarity of what to expect, the price point, size, and pictures of the location.”
    Stefanie Woodburn
    Actress, Filmmaker, Twitch Star

  • “From both an investment and producing standpoint, Wrapal is a fantastic concept. Independent filmmaking has never been bigger. The advancement in camera technology has made indie films far easier to create than when I was growing up. This growth has led to a higher need for locations to create those stories. Wrapal makes that possible. If only my brother and I had this site when we were growing up.”
    Kevin Michael Martin
    Actor, Investor, Producer

  • “It's an easy, simple, low-cost solution to a massive problem. Finding a good location that I know I can film at, and getting a date secured is an imperative early step when making any project. We often must build our entire shoot around a location, and Wrapal makes this process both easier and faster.”
    Ben Whitehair
    Actor, Author, Committee Member, SAG-AFTRA

  • “Wrapal is genius! Thanks for thinking of it! At the indie level, we need all the help we can in finding things given the size of our budgets. Locations are one of them for sure! And so to have a platform to go to in order to find locations at affordable rates, dealing directly with the owners or managers, that's a win in my book.”
    Evan Leong
    Filmmaker, Writer, Producer

  • “I have been using Wrapal quite a bit on the web-series 'Duck World.' It has been great! Unlike renting locations from Air BnB or Craigslist, everybody on Wrapal is very familiar with the entertainment industry or even work in the industry themselves. It means you are already starting from a common ground and understanding of what we as a production company are going through from the moment we get to set, which happens to be their home. Also, the website is very easy to use and a lot easier than old-fashioned location scouting.”
    Chelsea O'Connor
    Filmmaker, Writer, Producer