The Los Angeles Theatre Center

The Los Angeles Theatre Center offers an array of spaces and services that make for a perfect venue for your film shoot. The Grand Lobby is spacious and beautiful, as it boasts the largest "sky light" rooftop this side of the Mississippi, as well as, gorgeous marble interior walls stretching three stories high. This particular space has been used in numerous film and television shoots, over the years, with settings such as: Museums, Weddings, Banquets, Large Parties, etc... It is also used for holding large numbers of "extra talent" as well. We currently have (5) operating theatre spaces (stages) with varying seating capacities. (4) of which have "Theatrical Lighting, Sound, and Video Capabilities". We also have a number of "Rehearsal Rooms", "Conference Rooms", "Office Spaces", and "Roof Top Access" (with proper insurance / safety certification). The Los Angeles Theatre Center also has a "Patio Space" in the front (facing Spring St.) That makes for perfect "Sidewalk Cafe" type shoots, as well as, other staging needs your film may require. The front of our building is quite eccentric, as it still has the original facing from it's "Banking Days" in the 1920's. This area has also been shot in a number of Film and Television Productions. The high concrete and marble pillars are unmistakable, and emit power, history, and importance. Last, but not least, we have (2) Specialized areas that are quite unique to the building, One being an "Underground Tunnel Space" that is made entirely of concrete. The other being an "Old Vault Room" that still has the door of a Vault within the concrete wall. The LATC has a total of (7) Women's & Men's Restrooms; (3) Women's Dressing Rooms (w/ Showers & Sinks), (3) Men's Dressing Rooms (w/ Showers & Sinks), and a "Green Room"... We also have a "Back Alley" that makes for easy "Load In & Load Out" access, Elevators, and a Large Elevator / Lift for heavy materials and equipment to be taken downstairs to lower floors. *(This lift is subject to availability, based on Theatre 1 access and possible existing sets, shows during proposed film shoot dates).

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Size 80,000 Sq. ft
Rooms 10
Restrooms 7
Power 600 amps
Parking Numerous Outdoor Lots (Not ours)
Noise Quiet
Student Rate Yes
Movable Furniture Yes
Pets No
Insurance required Yes
Wi-Fi Yes
Fridge No
Chairs No
Garage No
Printer No
Microwave No
Tables No
A/C Yes
Basement No
Coffee Maker No
Sink No
Heater Yes


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