Pyramid Lake Reservoir

Built in 1972, Pyramid Lake was created as a holding reservoir for the California State Water Project. This 180,000 acre reservoir is placed between the Angeles National Forest and the Los Padres National Forest, at the Northwest portion of Los Angeles County. The reservoir is west of Interstate 5, south of Tejon Pass; accessed from exit 195 off of the I-5, on Pyramid Lake Road.
Named after the Pyramid-shaped rock carved while building Route 99, Pyramid Lake offers spectacular scenery and wonderful weather


A permit through the Los Padres Forest Service is required. This permit is easily obtainable, but does take a few weeks to process.

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Size 10,000,000 Sq. ft
Restrooms 10
Parking Parking Lots
Noise Normal
Student Rate No
Movable Furniture No
Pets Yes
Insurance required Yes
Wi-Fi No
Fridge No
Chairs No
Garage No
Printer No
Microwave No
Tables No
A/C No
Basement No
Coffee Maker No
Sink No
Heater No


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