Old Louisville Victorian

This gorgeous home in the historic neighborhood of Limerick in Old Louisville (the country's largest concentration of Victorian homes) was built in 1890. Two stories of living space feature eight fireplaces, a fantastic staircase, 11 foot ceilings, pocket doors, and tons of original details. A third floor is a creepy former hoarder's apartment that we now use for storage and may have a ghost in the window of google street view.
We can camp out in our carriage house while you take over the house.
We've done Airbnb in the past put the city is putting a stop to that Sept 30.

Questions? (it's FREE!)

Size 3,300 Sq. ft
Rooms 10
Restrooms 2
Power Residential
Parking Street
Noise Normal
Student Rate Yes
Movable Furniture Yes
Pets Yes
Insurance required Yes
Wi-Fi Yes
Fridge Yes
Chairs Yes
Garage Yes
Printer No
Microwave Yes
Tables Yes
A/C Yes
Basement Yes
Coffee Maker Yes
Sink Yes
Heater Yes


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