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Multi Use Building With Exterior/Interior Bathrooms, Parking, Easy to Use

Jason W.

Redondo Beach, CA

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We are the owners of this multi use/commercial building. The cover picture was a nice one so we kept it up but know that we have since had the exterior Painted BLACK.
*****The color is a black/green and the doors have a textured copper look to them...VERY COOL! We have also added an entire wall of succulents inside of shipping pallets, as well as a number of succulents and plants on both floors.******
The upstairs has been completed and is one large room with two interior facing bathroooms. A very industrial and hip vibe to it with a number of tables, chairs and couches that can be used as props. All of the upstairs can be negotiated depending on how you are using it. NEW- windows, a/c's and soundproofed, sun reflective roof JUST ADDED!
You can use parking lot SPACE as one large exterior shot (that is for approx $500 depending on day and time needed) AND we have a grass/dirt parking lot next door with large wall (still in grey color) that can be used as backdrop. We also have a large faux grass to place over a portion of the parking lot.
For any of the studios
Please check with us for pricing and include all pertinent needs for shoot.
Range is from a low of $50/hour to $200/hour.
We have had numerous commercials, short films, Digital shorts and both day and evening shoots taking place here over the couple years but nothing in past 6 months while we were completing the upgrades (4.8.2019).
The garage (as shown in photos) can be made available but plenty of advance notice needs to be made and Sunday is usually the only day available. We have shot during week but that was for an entire building take over where the production was able to shoot 7 different interior scenes and 2 exteriors.
Parking is not guaranteed in lot but depending on size of shoot we will work with you on. Street parking is super super easy and there is a large vacant dirt lot next door that arrangements can also be made to use.
Also, 1/8 of mile down street is Metro Stop and one group had all it's crew park there and then they picked up in Van.
The two bathrooms downstairs are exterior facing and have also been upgraded

3,500 Sq. ft
400 amps
10 spots paved with gate
Student Rate
Movable Furniture
Insurance required


  • Wi-Fi
  • Fridge
  • Chairs
  • Garage
  • Printer
  • Microwave
  • Tables
  • A/C
  • Coffee Maker
  • Sink
  • Heater


$500 to $1,000 (12 hour shoot)
Student Discount:

Property Rules

Work with us and treat with respect. Easy to schedule and use...especially on weekends and evenings.
Clean and leave as was prior to arrival.
You can use the power and water but it should be discussed beforehand.

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  • November 7, 2017

    Good place to film

$500 to $1,000

12 hour shoot
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Response Rate: 28%

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