Mediterranean 2-Story House W/ City Mountain View Clean &Nice Neighborhood

Mediterranean 2-Story house with city view and mountain view. Prestigious Carey Ranch community on the hills, nice and clean neighborhood. House and street had been filmed or leased by film productions several times due to nice neighborhood setting. 1st floor has formal room, family room, kitchen, 1 bedroom, 1 restroom and garage. 2nd floor has 3 bedrooms, 2 restrooms, balcony with view and family room (please see property rules below for 2nd floor). Close to 405, 118 and 5 freeway. Nice curb appeal with steps on the front yard lawn. Plenty of parking on the streets and nearby park. Very minimal traffic due to cul-de-sac street. Neighbor's house (northeast) is not near or less visible when facing backyard due to slope/hill and city view. Happy filming! :)


Will lease driveway, front garage and front yard for filming as first option. 1st floor of the house is limited or not available but may be leased as 2nd option depending on duration of stay, accessibility of Lessor to 2nd floor and overall terms of the lease. 1st floor includes kitchen, formal room, family room, garage, laundry room, 1 restroom and backyard with outdoor barbecue grill with mountain/city view. 2nd floor is not available or subject to approval or conditions of Lessor/Owner so consult with Owner first if arrangement, accommodation, limitations, duration and other terms would work for both film production and homeowner. For other community rules or other applicable fees, please contact Carey Ranch HOA at (661) 295-9474 or (661) 295-1531.

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Size 2,472 Sq. ft
Rooms 4
Restrooms 3
Parking Driveway + Street + Park
Noise Quiet
Student Rate No
Movable Furniture Yes
Pets No
Insurance required Yes
Wi-Fi No
Fridge No
Chairs No
Garage No
Printer No
Microwave No
Tables No
A/C Yes
Basement No
Coffee Maker No
Sink No
Heater Yes


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