Log Cabin 10 + Acres Farmette

Zen Acres is a 10+ acre farm situated in the beautiful Maryland countryside, and convenient to DC, Baltimore, and New York. With the ability to accommodate everything from period pieces, New York intrigue, to DC political drama, this picturesque location has a multitude of interior and exterior settings that will capture the imagination of any scene designer or on-location coordinator. Whether you are filming a Camp David indoor scene leading to pastures and wooded exterior shots, or an upscale cabin get-away with a state-of-the-art kitchen, this location provides a wealth of visual and logistical amenities while maintaining it’s rural appeal. With its close proximity to local vineyards, fairgrounds, and parks, this location can accommodate any storyline. Ample space is available for production unit parking, and the surrounding open spaces are ideal for crane or drone shots.

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Size 2,200 Sq. ft
Rooms 8
Restrooms 3
Power 400 amps
Parking Driveway and fields
Noise Quiet
Student Rate No
Movable Furniture Yes
Pets Yes
Insurance required Yes
Wi-Fi Yes
Fridge Yes
Chairs Yes
Garage No
Printer Yes
Microwave Yes
Tables Yes
A/C Yes
Basement Yes
Coffee Maker Yes
Sink Yes
Heater Yes


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