Since day one, our first and foremost goal was to not only make Wrapal FREE but also as simple as possible to use. These five easy steps outline what it takes to use the site as either a property owner or a filmmaker.

Make money from movies

  1. Sign up, and take lots of pictures of your property.
  2. Tell us the basics like the address and type.
  3. Enter as much information about your property as possible, keeping in mind that the more details you have, the more traffic you’ll likely receive.
  4. A picture says a thousand words. While a good description is important, pictures are the best way of attracting a production. The more the merrier!
  5. Review all the details, check the photos, and then hit submit. Voila, you’re done. Filmmakers will message you directly here on Wrapal.

Make movies with properties easily

  1. Sign in in and search for a location in your target area. If you have a specific idea of what you are looking for, you can also use the advanced search features.
  2. If a location catches your eye, click on it and check out its particular features, such as number of rooms, power capacity, and parking availability. You can also see reviews from other Filmmakers who have used the property.
  3. If you like a property, then contact the owner. You can input details about your shoot, your crew size, and describe the scene. The more details you include, the more receptive an owner will be to accommodating your production.
  4. Owners will respond to your inquiries via the Wrapal messaging system to sort out booking details. After a conversation has started, you can also attach useful documents like scripts, storyboards, shot lists, etc.
  5. After the shoot has wrapped, come back and review a location. Every review you leave will go a long way in helping out other productions in the future.