Hidden Mableton's Treasure

We have a warm and friendly atmosphere with plenty of Free" Parking
Handicap accessible
Natural lighting in the front windows
Great for small events, such as Pop-up Shops, Photoshoots, music demo and much more.
WiFi available (Private)
Movable furniture
1 6' ft and 1 42" octagon table available


No children (0-10)
No teenagers (10-18)
No loud music / dancing
No smoking
No open flame

Questions? (it's FREE!)

Size 1,000 Sq. ft
Rooms 1
Restrooms 1
Parking Parking Lot
Noise Normal
Student Rate No
Movable Furniture Yes
Pets No
Insurance required Yes
Wi-Fi Yes
Fridge No
Chairs No
Garage No
Printer Yes
Microwave No
Tables No
A/C Yes
Basement No
Coffee Maker Yes
Sink No
Heater Yes


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