Gorgeous Handcrafted Loft

Welcome to our unique moody handcrafted bi level loft with a massive 5000 sq ft roof in East Williamsburg Brooklyn. Inside: Inside you'll find a 900 sq ft bi level ground unit that's a little bit industrial a little bit cabin-y and incredibly handcrafted. Moody fire light vibes in the living room emphasize all the natural wood charm and exposed white brick. Two bedrooms and two bathrooms.
Style: Neutral - Industrial - Urban - Handcrafted - Modern - Cabin-y - Romantic - Moody - Rustic - Bohemian Location: Industrial - Urban - Street Art Our neighborhood is hailed as one of the Top Ten Places in the world to see such a high level of street art. The views of the art from our roof are outstanding and make the perfect backdrop for any production project.


No Smoking Inside - Please smoke outside of the building but not by the front door.
We have one dedicated parking space. Arrangements must be made in advance. We suggest parking in and around the neighborhood. There is free alternate side of the street parking. Please be mindful of street cleaning so that you do not incur a parking ticket.
Set Up - Break Down
All booking start and end times include setup and tear down time - please include that in your reservation. If you’re interested in multi-day shooting, please note an additional fee may be charged for displacement.
If your project goes over your allotted time - you will be charged 1 and 1/2 times the hourly fee and will be charged through Peerspace. I am happy to offer a 20-min grace period for load-out - but do not allow early arrivals.
We ask that you are clear with what you're looking acheive + how many people you anticipate and we'll be happy to work with you to make your project a success! If you are interested in utilizing the space for film, television, music videos or advertising campaigns, please contact us through the message center to discuss details - pricing + availability. Please include the following: Total number of crew & talent Desired date(s) Exact hours you will need (ie. 7am-7pm) including load-in/load-out - setup + tear-down Equipment & lighting specs
SCOUTING We are happy to accommodate initial location scouts provided the rate and hourly minimum are met for the reservation date. We will only accommodate (1) scout prior to a booking reservation being made. Additional tech/Director Scouts will only be permitted once the booking has been accepted.
No Alcohol Outside
Artwork + Furniture
Please do not move heavy furniture without pre-autorization. We are very happy to move anything for you. Please do not move artwork without pre-authorization
Hair + Makeup
Please do not apply make up on the beds or any of the unholstered furniture.
Who‘s allowed in the space?
All ages

Questions? (it's FREE!)

Size 900 Sq. ft
Rooms 4
Restrooms 2
Parking 1 dedicated parking spot - prior arrangements must
Noise Normal
Student Rate No
Movable Furniture Yes
Pets No
Insurance required Yes
Registered Historic No
Wi-Fi Yes
Fridge No
Chairs Yes
Garage No
Printer No
Microwave No
Tables Yes
A/C Yes
Basement No
Coffee Maker Yes
Sink Yes
Heater Yes


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