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How much does it cost to list my property?

Nothing. Listing your property on Wrapal is free of charge. However, we charge an 10% processing fee to each party when a creative books your location through the site.


What's the 10% for?

Most of it goes to our verified payment processing system, Stripe, which is also used by Pinterest, Twitter, and Lyft, among others. Like other credit card processors, they charge us for credit card transactions. We do not store any personal credit card or social security information.


How do payments work?

The payout is generally 24 hours after shooting has concluded, or 48 hours if there is a deposit that needs to be sorted out. You can expedite the process by contacting us after you’ve assessed that there are no damages. We will notify you through your existing Wrapal conversation, as well as via an email to indicate that you have received payment. 

However, to recieve payment, you must be verified with us. To become verified, go to Payments on your profile and enter your Tax ID and bank account information. Please note that this service is run by an independent but verified and reliable vendor, Stripe, and we do not store any personal financial information whatsoever. United States banking regulations require Stripe to collect your Social Security or EIN number strictly for tax collecting purposes.


Why should I list my property?

Why not? You could make a lot of extra money from hosting a shoot, meet talented creatives, and maybe even cameo in a film. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain from monetizing your space when it's not being used. Plus, listing with us is non-exclusive so you can list your property on other sites as well.


Who controls the listing?

You control the listing. Owners can set their own price, picture and details, and scheduling on the site and can take down a listing at any time.


What if I have multiple properties?

No problem! Just create one account then go through the sign up process to list as many properties as you like.


What if I have multiple properties at the same address? i.e. I’m listing an apartment complex, various soundstages on the same lot, or office suites.

We recommend making one listing for the address and putting up as many pictures and different descriptions as possible. Alternatively, you can put up multiple listings with the same address and specify the space by listing a different Suite/Apartment/Stage number. For instance - multiple spaces at 123 Main St., Los Angeles could be listed separately as North Studio, Soundstage 1, Lobby, etc.


How do I prevent damages to my property?

Preventing this is best done by requiring creatives have insurance, which you may do at your discretion. Most productions will have insurance that will cover your liability and belongings should anything get damaged or lost. Ask the creatives to add you to their policy as an "additional insured" and you will be covered.

If they do not have insurance, we will be offering a damage waiver through Athos Insurance shortly.

Additionally, we highly suggest requesting a security deposit during the booking process and retain it until the property has been returned to its original state after the shoot. We handle this deposit and it can be any amount you wish as agreed upon by the creative. To fully protect yourself, we also recommend taking before and after photos of your property. Remember, we can only protect you in these ways if you book through Wrapal.


What are the details on the damage waiver you offer?

We will be offering this service soon, so stay tuned for more updates!


How long are typical film shoots?

Film shoots normally last from several hours to several days. A typical shooting day is 12 hours but there are exceptions, especially if a creative only needs the property for an establishing shot, a quick insert, or a very short scene. You set the price and availability of your property.


What if the production goes beyond their timeframe?

Always be sure to discuss that possibility with the production representatives ahead of time. If they overshoot their timeframe significantly, it would not be out of the ordinary for you to ask for an hourly overtime charge.


I have a business; will filming disrupt it?

Not at all. It is entirely up to you to decide when a creative can use your property, so let them know your schedule in advance, and they can work around it. Most creatives will be willing to work at odd hours or on the weekend to accommodate you.


Do I have to be around the whole duration of the shoot?

We recommend that either you or a representative stay on set at all times. However, if you cannot be present, ensure that all your personal belongings are put away. It is also useful to have a checklist and a handover plan for the crew to return the property to its original state once shooting has wrapped.


Am I allowed to be on set?

Of course. Creatives may ask you to refrain from taking pictures or sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement if there are celebrities or publicity-sensitive material being shot, but you should be allowed on-site at all times if you wish. Just keep in mind that filming is a busy process and fimmakers wish to limit interruptions as much as possible.


How do I set my rates?

Though there are exceptions, film shoots typically operate on a 12-hour basis, so be sure to set your price accordingly. Depending on your property, creatives can often pay anywhere from $500/day for ‘everyday locations’ like a basic single family home, office, or a restaurant, to more than $5,000/day for a more unique location like a military base, opulent mansion, or airport control tower. We recommend lowering your rates for student filmmakers. When setting your rate, also consider the advantages your space might offer a film crew: parking, loading/unloading area, bathrooms, access to a kitchen, amperage, etc. Our price points are intended to cover the broad spectrum of location prices available.

For more information, take a look at our listing article HERE.


How do creatives get in touch with me?

After listing your location on the site, creatives will contact you through Wrapal’s internal messaging system, which you can use to discuss scheduling and pricing details before finalizing a booking. You will also receive an email notification.


What if I don’t own the property I’m in?

We recommend only listing properties you own. If you rent, you should seek clearance from the owners to see if they’d be willing to lease out the location to film. Also, depending on your leasing agreement, some landlords allow tenants to sublease their house or business.


Someone posted my location without my permission. What can I do?

Contact us immediately so that we can investigate.  


Do I have to let creatives use the entire location?

Not necessarily. Depending on the scene, creatives may only need one room of a house, one table at a restaurant, etc. We recommend you charge creatives less if they only need to use a small section of your property.


What happens if I have booked a shoot but my property is suddenly unavailable?

Make sure you tell the production ASAP so they can either re-schedule or book another location in time. Shoots take a lot of preparation, so letting the crew know as far ahead of time as possible is best. If production decides to go somewhere else, please make sure you return their deposit (if applicable).


How many photos should I take?

As many as possible - the more photos a creatve sees, the likelier he or she will be to choose your location. Be sure to include interiors and exteriors (if applicable) as well as any other interesting details, and if you can include floor plans, even better. The more the merrier!


What is a re-shoot and do I have to agree to it?

Sometimes creatves will need your location again to shoot a scene they forgot or did not have time to film when they were first there. You are under no obligation to agree, though we highly recommend you allow it, and charge them accordingly. No one likes a half-finished film so we recommend discussing the possibility of a re-shoot prior to booking.


I don’t know my property’s electrical capacity.

To find out the electrical capacity of your property, check your breaker box.  Most have a ‘main breaker’ that shuts off all power to the unit/house. The number on the main breaker is the amperage available.


Do all shoots have to use my electricity?

It depends on the production, but some may have their own generator. If you would prefer crews use their own power source, be sure to tell them ahead of time. Alternatively, factor electricity into your daily rate.


Who resets my property after the production?

The production crew is responsible for resetting your property exactly to they way the found it.


Will I get credit for my property being in the film?

Definitely. Make sure you tell the production how you would like your name spelled for the credits. They will most likely give you a ‘special thanks’ for letting them use your property.


What are some special requests creatives might have?

As every film is completely different, we cannot anticipate a production’s needs ahead of time. However, it would be wise of you to ask their manager or representative ahead of time so you are not surprised.


What can I do to make my house more film-friendly?

Without spending too much money, basic things like stowing all personal belongings before the crew arrives, ensuring easy parking, and being available to show the location prior to the shoot all help. We know of some owners who cater their properties to the film industry and make so much money off film that they have turned their houses into movie sets, complete with moveable walls and fake props. We do not recommend you follow suit until you are absolutely sure you’ll be able to recoup your costs.


Is lending out my property to a film shoot risky?

As with everything in life, there are risks involved. However, being around on set to supervise as well as being added to the production’s insurance or having them purchase insurance through Wrapal are all ways of mitigating potential risks. The security deposit is also there to protect the property owner.


When did you go live?

We've been live since May 2016, where thousands of creatves will now be able to contact you directly if they're interested in filming.


Will Wrapal be expanding to my city?

We began in the Los Angeles area and have recently expanded to the New York Metro area. With your support, we hope to continue expanding nationally and even internationally in the future!


How do I get started?

Sign up to create a profile and start listing your properties in 5 simple steps. 



How much does it cost to find a location through Wrapal?

A grand total of $0! The site was started by creatives for creatives, and we wish to keep the site free to browse. To cover costs, including credit card processing and security deposits, we charge an 10% fee to each party for transactions conducted through the site.


How do I contact the owner of a property I like?

Send an inquiry through the site, which includes your intended shoot dates, size of crew, script requirements, setup, etc. Be sure to include as many details as possible. Property owners will contact you back directly through Wrapal’s messaging system. You will also receive an email notification.


Will Wrapal be expanding to my city?

We began in the Los Angeles area and have recently expanded to the New York Metro area. With your support, we hope to continue expanding nationally and even internationally in the future!


How can I be sure I’m booking a great location?

We are constantly vetting locations to make sure we are offering you the best locations on the market. Additionally, our review system will allow you to see how other creatves have rated a property in the past. We encourage you to pay it forward and leave reviews for any locations you use.


How do I pay for my location?

You can book and pay for a location on the site. To process your transaction, we use Stripe, a verified and reliable payment system which also handles payments for Lyft, Pinterest and Twitter.


Can I still film at a location if I don’t have insurance?

Certainly. Owners may waive the insurance requirement if you put down a security deposit, a hold on a credit card, or if you sign an agreement promising not to break or lose anything. Terms and conditions vary from owner-to-owner.


When did you go live?

We've been live since May 2016, where thousands of creatves will now be able to contact you directly if they're interested in filming.


Can I apply for a permit through the site too?

No, but we hope to eventually partner with municipal, state, and federal authorities to help streamline and make the location permitting process more efficient and expedient.