Elegant, Light-Drenched 3flr Victorian Farmhouse & 3200 Sq Ft Vintage Barn!

Amber M.

Pasadena, CA

Response Rate: 100%

*See below for hourly rates!*
A heavenly three story, 2,500 sq ft folk victorian farmhouse built in 1886. Located on a tree canopied street with white gardens and a 3200 sq ft vintage barn.
The Farmhouse is a nostalgic dream with a roomy front porch with original gingerbread front door, tin ceiling, shiplap walls, period chandeliers, walls of factory metal doors and vintage stove. Much of the original detail has been restored and given a fresh coat of white paint. The result makes this home not only incredibly unique, but bright & light filled. The first floor holds the large kitchen, living, dining, foyer and office. The kitchen opens to the manicured yard and the barn. The house has two black and white staircases.
The second floor has 3 bedrooms, large vintage bathroom with original clawfoot tub, and the master bathroom and balcony. The balcony is accessed thru metal factory doors and overlooks the yard & barn. The third floor holds the large attic, garret style bedroom with magnificent light. The 3200 square foot barn has a bathroom, laundry room and large living room. Above the barn is a studio loft with multiple skylights.
Photo Shoot Rates (Stills Only):
3 people or less- $140/hr
5-7 people - $180/hr
8-10 people - $220/hr
11-14 people - $240/hr
15-19 people - $280/hr
20-24 people - $320/hr
25+ people - Please Inquire
Film Shoot Rates (Video Only):
7-9 people - $220/hr
10-14 people - $240/hr
15-19 people - $300/hr
20-24 people - $340/hr
25-30 people - $390/hr
30-35 people - $490/hr
35 people or more - Please inquire
Cleaning Fee - $75 or $175 depending on size of shoot
NOTES: All shoots have a 3 hour minimum. Shoots booked with less than 72 hours notice will be charged an additional $100 fee. Overtime is Time and a half not pro-rated.

2,500 Sq. ft
5 cars, long driveway for trailer(s)
Student Rate
Movable Furniture
Insurance required
Registered Historic


  • Wi-Fi
  • Fridge
  • Garage
  • Printer
  • A/C
  • Basement
  • Sink
  • Heater


Under $500 (12 hour shoot)

Property Rules

-  No animals without permission in advance and extra payment
-  No Smoking in House
-  Overtime to be settled before you can leave
-  No use of kitchen equipment allowed
 Crews may not attach anything to the wall. No holes  
All equipment and props must be contained to the property - nothing on the street or in anyway interfering with neighbors
No roof access
You must take all trash generated during your shoot with you

Cancellation Policy

Under $500

12 hour shoot
Your Name or Contact Person
Production Company

Response Rate: 100%

Amber typically responds in minutes

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