What is a Damage Waiver?

A damage waiver covers physical damage to third-party properties/locations. Depending on the coverage and deductible amounts selected, it will cover the filmmaker for any damages to the property during the duration of the shoot.


Do I have to purchase one?

No, although it is at the sole discretion of the property owner whether or not to require coverage for their location.


What things are NOT covered by Damage Waivers?

Anything outside of physical damage to the specified properties/locations. Things like injuries to cast and crew members, injuries to any third party person, or damage to gear are not covered.


What company provides it?

The Damage Waiver is provided by Athos Insurance. Athos has extensive experience in providing productions with insurance options. Athos is leading the way in digital insurance options by providing customers innovative solutions for quoting, purchasing and managing insurance solutions for their productions, businesses, and lives.


How much does this cost?
Within the Damage Waiver online form, there is a calculator that will compute what your purchasing price will be. The below price matrix is not absolute, and is intended as an at-a-glance estimation.

Deductible / Coverage Limit














Who purchases the Damage Waiver?

It is up to the filmmaker/photographer/production to purchase the waiver.


I'm getting a Damage Waiver, do I still need standard Production Insurance?

Getting the Damage Waiver is a great option for the location(s) you book through Wrapal.  While the Damage Waiver is not transferable to properties outside of Wrapal, it can lower the cost of your Production Insurance by covering the property damage portion you’d normally pay for in production insurance. The damage waiver only covers potential damages to the property. It does not cover your production in terms of gear, crew injury, or other location rentals outside of Wrapal.


I'm getting a Damage Waiver, do I still need a Security Deposit?

Security deposits are useful tools and we strongly encourage their use in all bookings. These deposit can help cover productions in the event damages are less than your deductible. They save productions time and hassle by being set up in advance of shoots to respond to issues. It is ultimately up to the property owner to decide whether or not they will require a security deposit after the damage waiver has been purchased.


What is the Damage Waiver Coverage Limit? How do I know which to choose?

A Coverage Limit is the maximum amount of money that your Damage Waiver  will pay out if you make a claim.


What is the Damage Waiver Deductible? How do I know which to choose?

The Deductible is the amount of money you need to pay if you submit a Damage Waiver claim, before you will receive coverage.


When does it kick in and How long does coverage last?

Coverage will begin the date you will occupy the rented space and end the date that you leave the rented space.  The start and end dates will be listed on your damage waiver confirmation.


How do I get a quote/purchase the waiver?

You can obtain a quote/purchase the waiver when you book your rental. When you are ready to pay for the booking, next to “Decline” there will be an option for “+Damage Waiver”. The pop-up form will ask for information on your production regarding, size, times, synopsis, hazardous or special situations, etc… in order for Athos to provide you with an accurate quote. This will all be done before you complete the finalized booking and payout to the property owner.  


How do I make a claim?

If something occurs, and you would like to make a damage waiver claim, please contact Athos Insurance at 626-716-9800 or


How much info will I need about the shoot?

The damage waiver application will ask a few general questions about the type of shoot, the rooms being rented and occupied. Depending on the details of your shoot, more or less information may be needed to provide a quote.


How soon before the shoot should I apply for my waiver?

Applications are only processed during the business week, Monday-Friday 8:30am - 5:30pm. Once you receive the quote online, you can pay for instant binding of the damage waiver. The damage waiver must be purchased before you take possession of the rented space for it to be enforceable.


If my application is being reviewed, how long until I hear back?

Typically, if your application requires further review, the review process can take anywhere from 2 hours to 1 full business day. Please note that Athos Insurance must review the application and may request additional information by email. Any delay in response to Athos will result in further delay of your damage waiver approval. Athos Insurance business hours are Monday-Friday 8:30am to 5:30pm PST.


Can I go back and edit my application after review?

If Athos has approved your damage waiver, and further changes need to be made afterwards, you will have to submit the application for a Damage Waiver again for Athos to re-approve.


My application has been approved. Do I have to purchase it?

Purchasing your Damage Waiver is entirely up to you.


Who can I contact if something goes wrong?

If there is an issue with the website, please feel free to contact Wrapal at 424 522-2538 during business hours. If there are any questions or concerns regarding the Damage Waiver coverages, review process, or claims, please feel free to contact Athos Insurance at 626-716-9800 or