Contemporary Traditional 3 Bedroom Sfr

Spacious, 3 bedroom family residence with sensational pool, waterfall and spa. Huge back yard. All one level. So much room for a large crew and equipment plus personnelle to set up and sit, plus store equipment for the ready. A detached garage which can be used for such storage purposes or kraft services. Bright, roomy, fantastic buffalo grass out in the front yard. Flood lit trees at night. Great flow from room to room and access to backyard from multiple directions. 2 separate living areas one formal and one casual. Great family feel for TV, film or commercial 'family' characters. Lovely neighborhood for other EXT shots. Ample parking and room in the street for film trucks etc. No parking restrictions ever.

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Size 2,155 Sq. ft
Rooms 3
Restrooms 3
Parking Driveway and very wide street. no limitations.
Noise Quiet
Student Rate No
Movable Furniture Yes
Pets Yes
Insurance required Yes
Wi-Fi Yes
Fridge Yes
Chairs Yes
Garage Yes
Printer Yes
Microwave Yes
Tables Yes
A/C Yes
Basement No
Coffee Maker Yes
Sink Yes
Heater Yes


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