Charming Home With Pool In Chatsworth CA

Olga A.

Chatsworth, CA

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About the Space
Welcome to our Charming Home with pool. Over 2,308 square feet and 8,888sqft lot size. It has a private backyard with double gate for easy access, it has a cover patio that can be used, pool, jacuzzi/hot tub, outdoor 1/2 basketball court. It's an open floor plan with Living Room and Large Family Room, wood floors. Beautiful and functional kitchen that can be use as well, with unique rustic island and tile floor. Rustic brick fireplace, home bar. The furniture can be moved around. 1 Bedroom, (can be re-dressed as they need it) Drapes (Completely Removable)
It has. easy access to get, 2.5 miles away from Fw 118 freeway and 7 miles from the 101.
Locate in corner with no parking restrictions, very easy access and parking for the trucks.
1 - 25 people $179.00 hr.
26 - 50 people $ 229.00 hr
51 - 75 people $ 299.00 hr.

2,300 Sq. ft
Student Rate
Movable Furniture
Insurance required


  • Wi-Fi
  • Chairs
  • Garage
  • Tables
  • A/C
  • Sink
  • Heater


$2,000 to $5,000 (12 hour shoot)
Student Discount:

Property Rules

* No smoking inside the house.
* No adults filming.
* No drugs.
* You need to ask about pets allowance.
* Furniture and drapes must be moved/place back to where you found it.
* Guests must remove any equipment they bring into the property by the end of the booking.
* Should be NO EATING, DRINKING in the 
house (unless the script calls for it, on-camera only).
* Alcohol will be allowed only if it necessary for filming.
* ANY furniture that needs to be moved must be lifted up and not dragged.
* Do not open refrigerator or pantries if you have not asked the host for permission.
* Dining table should be used only for filming.
* ANY items that are from the house are not to be used ex. ( towels, dishes, silverware) you must bring your own.
* Arrive and leave by the time listed on the contract.
* All recyclable items must be placed recycle bin.
* ALL trash must be taken out.
* Blankets and bed covers will not be provided for, you must bring your own.
* If kids are involved no horse playing around the stairs.
* Kitchen cabinets are not to be open unless it is part of the film.
* NO restroom is provide.
* Bring your own appliances if you will physically need to use it.
* All of second floor is restricted.
* Chairs and umbrellas beside the pool must be put back into its original way.
* Personal pictures cannot be used .
* Owner MUST be notified of any damage.

Cancellation Policy

$2,000 to $5,000

Student Rate Available

12 hour shoot
Your Name or Contact Person
Production Company

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