Charming Colonial - Convenient Glendale Location

Ron C.

Glendale, CA

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Freshly painted inside and out! Outside (big front lawn and large backyard) and downstairs living areas (except 1 bedroom) are available for production purposes.
It features a nice sized living room, dining room directly adjacent through double doors, a fully-equipped kitchen, and a breakfast room with separate laundry. Our entrance foyer is a good sized hallway that flows through the dining room into the kitchen. Double wide passage into the living room.
There are french doors that connect the dining room to the patio (green room or control room area?). We also have a very large front yard and huge backyard available for your production! There is a hallway bathroom,for Production use, just off the dining room. The breakfast room has a table and 4 chairs and can double as a green room and make up room. The adjacent curtained off laundry room (with wardrobe rack) is perfect as a changing room.
A downstairs bedroom is available at an extra charge. Also, at an extra charge there is a large optional upstairs space, with dormer window, which is used as a family room/office for potential use which can be rearranged as necessary.
Additional cast and crew may add to the hourly rate.
Protection must be provided to cover the hardwood floors when equipment is placed on the floors. Referrals for our location are appreciated but please refer to this service for booking. Please do not divulge the location's actual address except to cast and crew as necessary.

2,250 Sq. ft
200 AMPS - newly installed
Student Rate
Movable Furniture
Insurance required
Registered Historic


  • Wi-Fi
  • Fridge
  • Chairs
  • Garage
  • Printer
  • Microwave
  • Tables
  • A/C
  • Coffee Maker
  • Sink
  • Heater


$1,000 to $2,000 (12 hour shoot)
Student Discount:

Property Rules

Care must be taken to prevent damage to the floors, any furniture, and accessories. Kraft paper should be put down to protect the area.
Home must be returned to original condition including anything that has been moved.
The location is in the city. Care must be taken to avoid encroaching on my neighbors homes.
Hours for shooting are dictated by the city of Glendale. Not before 7am and wheels-up and out by 10pm.
You must get sign-off from all homes within 500 feet before filming starts. Glendale Filming permit and neighbor notifications are easily obtained and are required.
Insurance must be obtained to cover any unforeseen damage or breakage - usually a rider can be added to your equipment insurance.
No loud music outside. No loud music inside after 10pm.
No smoking inside. You may smoke outside at least 25 feet from the main home.
Rental time frame must include setup and cleanup time.
Please ask the host before you move any furniture, fixtures, or accessories.
Trash must be taken out at the end of your booking, and placed in the outdoor trash can. Please consult the host if your have any questions.
All doors and windows must be locked upon departure from the space. Please inform the Host of the completion of your project.

Cancellation Policy

$1,000 to $2,000

Student Rate Available

12 hour shoot
Your Name or Contact Person
Production Company

Response Rate: 100%

Ron typically responds in minutes

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