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2300 Sq Ft Modern Studio Loft W/Private Deck & Custom Smarthome Lighting

Deacon T.

Los Angeles, CA

Response Rate: 100%

One of the most unique and exciting lofts in Los Angeles, our studio is modern styled, with some of the most bleeding edge smart home and custom lighting technology in the world.
Inside, each room is tastefully decorated with beautiful contemporary furniture that is easy to move and restyle within minutes.
- Our studio is massive. Roughly 2300 square feet, PLUS several hundred feet of private deck space.
- There is an incredible amount of free street parking all around us (every street in a five block radius has free street parking and we are happy to share a list of streets to park on), as well as nearby commercial parking lots.
- Beautiful polished concrete floors
- 'Smart home' technology, powered by Alexa. This space features one of the most technologically advanced home AIs on the planet. Each light can be turned on and off and many can be dimmed or change their colors to fit a particular mood (ask about this!). The blinds can be opened and closed with a voice command, music may be played throughout the home via Amazon multi-room music technology. The TV, the movie projector and more may be controlled through simple voice commands.
- The main downstairs area is a massive open layout studio with 18 foot high ceilings that is wonderful for hosting events such as business seminars, bridal or baby showers, classrooms, yoga studios, spin classes, ballet, receptions or formal gatherings.
The space receives rich natural light in the afternoon and is very easy to control.
There is grip equipment (C stands, light stands, booms, clamps, etc) available for your use at no charge.
- The kitchen features an incredibly open layout, with vast amounts of space for setting up catering or 'buffet' style eating.
There is a white rolling kitchen island with brown cabinets and drawers, as well as a gorgeous distressed brown wood table with cafeteria-style seating and a rolling stainless steel island.
- A slick, modern office with frosted sliding glass doors and two motorized sit-to-stand desks, with office chairs.
When not in use, the office may be used for storage to free up space in the main area.
- The master bedroom has been featured in multiple music videos, films and photoshoots and is beautifully decorated with sheer drapery, concrete floors, faux fur rugs (that are very easy to move) and a massive floor bed with a pinch pleated comforter and eclectic pillows.
The master bedroom also features a makeup area with lighted vanity and a bathroom with a large tub and shower.
- The patio wraps around the entire loft and there is 25' tall bamboo plants lights and faux rattan furniture. Perfect for relaxing or a break-out area.
- The upstairs is a lofted area with a bathroom + shower and comfortable seating.
- 65" HDTV on rolling cart for presentations, plus a 100" motorized movie screen and HD projector, perfect for private screenings.
The furniture is modular and may be moved to create chairs, couches, loveseats or sectionals.
There are almost two dozen hanging plants and several solid wood tables, with contemporary chairs.

2,300 Sq. ft
Student Rate
Movable Furniture
Insurance required


  • Wi-Fi
  • Fridge
  • Printer
  • Microwave
  • A/C
  • Coffee Maker
  • Sink
  • Heater


$500 to $1,000 (12 hour shoot)
Student Discount:

Property Rules

We are very low key, friendly people to work with. We only ask that you're respectful and up front with what you're booking the space for (and which areas you'll need), so we know in advance how best to accomodate you.
things to know:
- Your rental end time is your departure time and is a ‘hard out’, meaning that the last person should be leaving at your rental end time. Because of this, we recommend beginning your cleanup at least 30 minutes in advance. We will send a friendly reminder whenever possible. Overtime is billed in 30 minute increments at a 1.5x rate and is not guaranteed, as we may have something else scheduled.
- Street parking is first come, first serve and all of the residential streets and commercial streets around our studio have free street parking.
- Our building has an area where you can temporarily park to load and unload. We strongly recommend a dolly or cart when carrying lots of equipment.
- Our building is a quiet community, with working professionals and residences. The building has a zero tolerance for noise disturbances such as partying, screaming, loud music, etc. To avoid interruption of your rental, please be respectful of our home and our neighbors.
- Confetti, glitter, feathers or other small particulates are not allowed.
- For your protection and for ours, there are 11 security cameras recording video and audio to cloud servers. Blocking, disabling, unplugging or tampering with the cameras will immediately end your rental.
- Food and drinks are not allowed upstairs
- No speakers and amps aside from those already in the unit are allowed.
- Please leave the location exactly as it was when you arrived by the time your rental ends and leave no sign of your presence afterwards. Cleaning fees start at $100/hr.
- Please do not leave the front door standing open unless you are loading/unloading.
- You’re responsible for the conduct of your guests. We don’t tolerate disrespectful comments, arguing about our policies, pornography or drug use. If we feel that our safety is at risk, then we will end the rental.
- No ‘occult’ (witchcraft, Ouija, tarot, crystals, etc) activities are permitted.
- If our equipment or furniture is damaged as a result of mishandling, your rental will end immediately and all damage will be charged at the cost of replacement.
- Always use coasters (or a plate) for your drinks on the wood tables to avoid staining.
- Our computer workstation is off limits, as well as any phones or tablets of ours.

Cancellation Policy

$500 to $1,000

Student Rate Available

12 hour shoot
Your Name or Contact Person
Production Company

Response Rate: 100%

Deacon typically responds in minutes

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